LocalTerra in a few words.

- LocalTerra.com gathers news from trustful respected sources of high social value like Non-profit organizations, Local authorities, education, amateur art, sports, music and culture.
- By now, we give the Organizations the right to publish news (access to ‘My Office’) by invitation only. This is aimed to assure published information quality.
- Each and every of your posts is shown 5km (by default) around your physical location, meaning- to your neighbors. For example, in a city like Montreal, it represents 100,000 people on the average.
- Your posts content is not ‘managed’ nor ‘modified’ by our personnel. If you what to add 20 photos, 15 YouTube videos, links to your main site, your sponsors and supporters, links to your current fundraising campaign- you are welcome to use all of them if you like!
- Our service is free and will stay so. We cover the costs by moderate use of Google and Amazon ads.
- Reading the news on the site is open publicly and unrestricted. No need to register and create an account for that.
- Registering an account gives possibilities to comment on news and to ‘follow’ most valuable posters to never miss their news.
- We offer Individual accounts as well. They are intended for Organizations managers, activists and local journalists aiming to enrich ideas exchange on a local level.

Invitation received. What follows?

- Create an account for Organization with postal/zip code and organization email.
- On the Home page, change your Profile by adding a Logo and all the info you want to show publicly. Your profile is shown every time any of your news is read. It plays your ‘business card’ role.
- Enter your back-office clicking on ‘My Office’, then ‘Add a post’.
- Use photos from your computer and external videos from YouTube for example or another hosting service.
- Some browsers don’t allow to Paste a text online. So use the keys combination ‘CTRL + letter V’ pressed at the same time to Paste your text in the post body.

When adding a video

- When adding a YouTube video, copy the ‘embed code’ of the video and paste it to our pop-up form.
- The ‘ideal’ post from readers’ point of view, would be one dedicated to a past event you organised. Such ‘reports on job done’ are the most attractive way to show your real work and thank all the participants for their noble efforts.